Electronic Dance Music is Steve Murano‘s true passion. Working in music business for over a decade. Steve Murano has built an internationally respected name, never tired of coming up with fresh and innovative sounds and ideas to push up the limits of electronic music.

He arrived in Leipzig in the middle of the 70‘s in April as the baby Steffen Friedrich.

In the 80‘s with the beginning of school his first interest in music was awakened. Steve, first discovered the distinctive British New Wave and Synthie Pop sounds. He was impressed by Depeche Mode, Yazoo or Soft Cell. Later first interests in house music. „I didn‘t know much about this kind of music but I was really flashed when I heard such new and revolutionary sounds. My absolute favorite at this time was New Order. I coudn‘t get enough of the bass drum of Blue Monday.“

Later as an active member of the school club, he started to learn djing and formed a DJ Team with his best friend. „We spent our very last money on Technics turntables, mixer and other music equipment. We quickly became known in our area.“

1990, Murano‘s official start as a professional DJ. From 1995 to 2002, he did resident DJ jobs in the largest and most famous clubs of his hometown.“ It was so fantastic I explored the real nightlife and worked hard behind the dj-booth. Sometimes from 10 at night to 8 in the morning.“

Steve Murano started producing his own tracks quite late. First experience in 1999. At the beginning of 2001, he released first bootlegs on vinyl. End of 2001, first record contract with Bootleg Beats.

The Typical „Muraosound“ was rapidly developing. At the beginning of 2002, Murano got a lot of hits on the dance charts and international licences. He also already did several national and international remix productions, e.g. for Kontor Records, Ministry Of Sound UK and EMI.

His complete international break-out came with his fabulous remix of Dark Monk‘s, Insane. At this time he got big support from Judge Jules and most of all DJ‘s worldwide.

As a DJ, he was on tour with the Kontor Label Tour since the beginning of 2003.

In April 2003 he officially moved to Kontor Records. In June 2003, release of his first number one hit on Kontor Records. „Passion“, was the first track in the history of German Dance Charts wich was No.1 in all four charts DDC, DMC, DJ Top 40 and Internet Music Charts, at the same time.

After the big succses he got alot remix offers. Steve did several remixes, for example ATB, Benny Benassi, Boogie Pimps, DJ Antoine, Nalin & Kane, N-Trance and Safri Duo.

Furthermore he got stages in clubs all over the world. Murano appeared in Australia, Austria, Canada, Domenican Republic, Estonia, France, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA.

Fresh goals, Steve did some collaburations with other DJ‘s and producers. For example: House 2 House, Murano & Rockstroh, Marc van Linden feat. Steve Murano, Steve Murano vs. Yacek and Murano meets Toka.

2011, Steve‘s debut album and a new version of his big hit „Passion“

Alongside his work in the studio he regularly appears in clubs to brings up the typical Steve Murano sound to each and every corner of the whole world.